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Phone Repair

Phone Repair In Less Than 15 Min backed with a 1 Year Warranty, plus,,, our geeks are AWESOME!

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Tablet Repair

iPad, iPad Mini or Galaxy Tab? Sure,,, we can fix those too. Ask one of our geeks for more info.

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We offer micro soldering on a large variety of mobile devices. Call and ask your geek about your device.


Water Damage Repair

Our geeks are fully certified high level repair experts, our success stories on water damage are only increasing.

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Most Common Repairs

Other Services

Data Recovery

Memories are priceless, so are important business files. Broken device? we will recover them for you.

Color Conversions

Stand out with a custom device, weather it be a new colored screen or custom 24K Gold conversion.

Unlocking Service

We can factory unlock your device, this will free the device to work with any carrier of your choice.